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  • Manufacturer Nutribio
  • Number on Pallet 48
  • SKU/Item No. 11600013
  • Sizes Available 12KG

Equine Horse

Nutribio Horse is a highly palatable premium lick formulated to bridge the mineral and vitamin
gap of all types of horses in light to medium work, unsupplemented mares and young stock on
pasture alone. It is particularly suited to any horse on pasture.

Research has shown that from the start of the summer there is a dramatic fall in copper and zinc
levels in grass, during this time a good quality vitamin, mineral and trace element supplement
should be made available to help bridge the nutritional gap.

Nutribio Horse block contains optimum levels of balanced premium minerals, vitamins and
protected trace elements for maximum availability in a highly palatable form.

Suitable For
all types of horses

Key Benefits and Features

  • Helps prevent bone and teeth development issues, rough hair, scaly skin, hoof development
    and infertility problems.
  • Contains premium ingredients with full traceability and is manufactured under a UFAS
    approved quality system.