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  • Manufacturer White Rhino
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  • SKU/Item No. 10500003/10500005
  • Sizes Available 1Tonne, 25KG

White Rhino Lime

White Rhino Hydrated Lime has a pH of 12.35 and so is highly effective in deactivating E.coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcal and Streptococcal (mastitis causing bacteria). It’s easy to apply, does not burn and reacts immediately to increase pH. Standard cubicle lime has a maximum pH of just 8.3 and therefore is not effective in deactivating harmful bacteria.

Available in 1Tonne and 25KG bags.

Did you know that by using chemical lime on your farm, you create a high pH environment that prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria?

Foot and Mouth Disinfectant
White Rhino chemical lime is an effective treatment for the foot and mouth virus. In April 2001, the department of agriculture used lime to treat the slurry on the foot and mouth infected farm in Co. Louth to successfully prevent the spreading of the infection. A 2% solution of lime is sufficient for this purpose.

For dairy Farmers, calcium hydroxide helps to control mastitis and other bacteria in cubicle houses. A half kilo of white rhino hydrated lime combined with bedding is applied to the floor surfaces of each cubicle end after cleaning. Recent teagasc research has proven that white rhino calcium hydroxide will destroy tuberculosis and brucellosis pathogens in cattle slurry, thus reducing the possibilities of reinfection. This pathogen kill is achieved by raising the pH to above 12 for up to 4 days.

For sheep farmers, calcium hydroxide prevents infectious disease such as foot rot and maintains sanitary conditions in housed pens. It combats the spread of contagious scouring in lambs during the lambing season.

Reduces Odour
The addition of calcium hydroxide inhibits or destroys the microorganisms involved in the decomposition of organic material thereby reducing odours.

Soil Nutrient
Teagasc indicate that calcium carbonate losses in Irish soil vary between 0.25 and 0.75 Tonnes/hectare/annum. Regular use of small quantities of White Rhino chemical lime provide a quicker release of calcium for the growing crop than limestone and will substantially increase the yield and therefore the income for the farmer. Chemical lime at the optimum pH in the soil promotes microbe growth and favourably modifies the physical properties of clays and heavy soils. Recent Teagasc trials measured the effect of using a chemical lime/sulphur mix on grassland in sulphur deficient soils. The mix yielded herbage volume increases of up to 30%

Decorates White
washing with lime is an inexpensive, effective and decorative way of keeping farm buildings clean and bright. Whitewash has been used for generations and has been appreciated for its hygienic and antiseptic properties. Whitewash will help prevent both condensation and mould problems. 14

How to prepare whitewash
Clean and dampen the area to be whitewashed. Add one litre of White Rhino hydrated lime to 0.5 litres of water – mix thoroughly. Dilute with more water to the consistency of milk and apply thinly. Always follow the safety guidelines on the packaging.