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  • Manufacturer Nutribio
  • Number on Pallet 60
  • SKU/Item No. 11600027
  • Sizes Available 18KG

Goldie Flocks

Premium complementary molassed nutritional feed lick with vitamins and minerals for ewes and cattle.

Supports the immunity development of both the ewe and her unborn lamb. Promotes easier lambing. Contributes to good quality colostrum and heavier lamb weight gain. Increases disease resistance, feed efficiency and animal performance. Reduces stress associated with feeding time for both animal and farmer.

Can eliminate the requirement for concentrates, depending on quality of silage and number of births. Contains: A full complement of essential vitamins, yeast and protected trace ele.

The ImmuBoost Range from Nutribio has been developed as a premium range of complementary vitamin, mineral and trace element supplements to boost animal performance and farm profitability.