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  • Manufacturer Nutribio
  • Number on Pallet 48
  • SKU/Item No. 11600007
  • Sizes Available 20KG

Hi – Energy

Nutribio’s High Energy feed block is the ideal high energy product for mixed farming systems. The block has been manufactured using only natural vegetable sources. It is especially suitable for Summer and Autumn/Winter supplementation. The block can also be fed to growing cattle on late Summer/Autumn grass. Housed cattle will also benefit significantly where silage is the only other feed available.

Key points on High Energy Feed Blocks

  • Specially formulated for use in periods of medium energy requirement
  • Adequate for single bearing ewes
  • Can be used to delay the introduction of concentrates in twin bearing ewes
  • The ideal choice for mixed cattle and sheep systems
  • Use at tupping to improve ewe condition