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  • Manufacturer Bayer
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  • Sizes Available 5L


Liberator is the first step to effective grass-weed and broad-leaved weed control in winter wheat, winter barley, spring wheat and spring barley.

When used as a pre-emergence herbicide, Liberator typically provides up to 80% of control of black-grass, greatly depleting the weed burden and optimising the effectiveness of post-emergence herbicides.

Liberator contains flufenacet and diflufenican, making it the ideal residual partner for a robust weed-control programme. Use it in a sequence with either Atlantis OD (mesosulfuron-methyl and iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium) in the autumn, or Monolith (mesosulfuron-methyl and propoxycarbazone-sodium) in the spring to further improve your control of black-grass, and other weeds.

Liberator’s strong residual action from flufenacet makes is a key player in a resistance management strategy for black-grass and rye-grass.

The easy-to-use, low odour suspension formulation, low dose rate, and flexible timings makes Liberator an operator-friendly herbicide for the busy autumn period. With good overall crop safety and following crop profile, Liberator doesn’t interfere with your rotation.