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  • Manufacturer Nutribio
  • Number on Pallet 48
  • SKU/Item No. 11600001
  • Sizes Available 20KG


Nutribio’s MegaBoost is a high powered protein (17%) and energy block which has been formulated specifically for feeding to high performance ewes.

MegaBoost contains protected protein and fat sources and can meet the energy requirements of twin bearing ewes on many farms.

Key points on MegaBoost Feed Blocks

  • Rich in U.D.P. and Protected Energy for high performance ewes
  • Contains Bioplex Zinc and high levels of Vitamin E
  • Ideal performance booster for twin bearing ewes at grass and suckling ewes
  • Acts as an aid in the prevention of twin lamb disease
  • Helps stimulate milk production
  • Specially formulated to meet the needs of more productive sheep and cattle