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  • Manufacturer Origin
  • Number on Pallet 60/30
  • SKU/Item No. 11500006/11500002/11500004
  • Sizes Available 25KG, 50KG, 600KG

Origin Gran Lime

Gran lime is granules of finely ground limestone (consistently below 150 microns) which has been
combined, in a unique process, with a water soluble organic binder to produce hard 2 to 5 mm size

Gran lime is produced in the UK and is suitable for use on all farms, large or small, forestry and horticulture
use. It is supplied in conveniently packaged in non returnable 600 kg bags for ease of handling.

Calcifert has many benefits over conventional lime. The biggest benefit to farmers is that calcifert doesn’t
need to be applied by specialist contractors – it can be applied by you, using conventional farm fertiliser
spreading equipment.

Calciferts benefits include:

  • Limestone granules of a regular size and shape ensure an even spread and rapid uptake
  • Easy spreading with conventional farm spreaders reducing the need for expensive specialist contractors
  • Can be spread anytime of the year and with other fertilisers
  • Calcifert can be applied on bare ground or to growing crops, unlike conventional lime
  • Lower application rates than conventional lime make Calcifert a cost effective option
  • Helps improve soil structure
  • Can be used to spot treat ground – making it economical for treating small areas
  • Can be applied in bout widths up to 36 meters
  • Safe to use – non toxic and non- hazardous

Application rates vary depending on soil type, acid levels and type of crop.

Trials on sandy soil have shown that an application of 248kg per hectare (100kg per acre) increased pH by
0.9 within 4 weeks at a depth of 2/3cm. Two years into the trial, the same single application of calcifert has
increased pH by 0.6 at a soil depth of 14-15cm.