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  • Manufacturer Melspring
  • Number on Pallet 42
  • SKU/Item No. 11400009
  • Sizes Available 25KG

Sulphate of Iron Ferromel-20

How to use Ferromel-20
It is only allowed to use moss killer on lawns. Ferromel-20 can easily
be diluted in water without any special precautions. A quantity of 1 Kg
is enough for preparing 40 1 spray-solution, which should be equally
divided over an area of 40 m². I.e. 1 litre of spray-solution is enough for
1 m². The grass might get a temporary black colour.

The most simple application method is by means of a watering can, which should be thoroughly cleaned
with water after use. A solution of Ferromel-20 cannot be stored. Under dry weather conditions a repetition
of the above mentioned treatment could be required.

Ferromel-20 can also be sprinkled in its original dry form. Also in that case one has to make sure that the
product is being equally divided on the lawn. If it does not rain during or shortly after the sprinkling, it is
necessary to water the lawn.

In case of sprinkling 35 g per m² will do. Also with this treatment there is a chance that the grass will lose its
green colour and temporarily turn black. The treatment of the lawn should be executed during the growing
period of the grass. Do not walk on just treated lawns before it has rained or has been watered to avoid
damaging of the finer grass species.

Please prevent Ferromel-20 in dry or diluted condition to get in contact with other materials, such as bricks,
tiles, timber etc., since the product might cause a brown-coloration of these materials. Therefore, for
instance, do not sprinkle between tiles. In case of contact with the skin immediately wash out with abundant
amount of water. The same goes for contact with eyes eventually consult a doctor.

Security Advice

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Keep away from food, beverages and animal feed products
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke during use